Netdisco Appliance

What is Netdisco?
Netdisco is an Open Source web-based network management tool.

What is this appliance?
A pre-built vmware virtual machine running Netdisco. Netdisco 2 VM image

What do I need to run the appliance?
VMWare ESXi, workstation, fusion or player. This VM image was created on VMWare ESXi 5.1 and uses VM Version 8.

Install Instructions:

The VM is built on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, there are two shell accounts setup by me, netdisco and disco. The Netdisco 2 install instructions also installed an account called postgres. All passwords are netdisco. The VM is setup to use DHCP, if you are on a network with no DHCP, login on the console, edit /etc/network/interfaces and there is a sample interfaces.static that you can copy over interfaces and edit. Restart the network or VM to activate changes.

pgtune is installed and was run, letting it autodetect the hardware, which is at 2 vCPU and 4gb of ram. If you modify these settings in the virtual machine, it's probably best if you re-run pgtune. See the netdisco2 docs about pgtune.

Start at the Configuration step in the Netdisco 2 Install document :


change passwords for netdisco, disco, netdisco user on database (named netdisco)

Need more info?

The Netdisco users mailing list is a great place to start.

Or you can email me: wokka at wokka dot org.

Netdisco mailing list

If you are looking for the instructions for the Netdisco 1.0 vmware image

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